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Advisory in import of medicines

We offer expert consulting services for the import of medicines from all over the world. We advise patients, public agencies, clinics and hospitals that need to import drugs not available in Brazil.

In addition to a qualified team in Brazil, Pharmatech has also partners in several other countries that maintain our same standard of professionalism and efficiency.

We closely monitor each step of the import process until the effective delivery of medicines.

The entire import process is carried out according to the current legislation, in particular in compliance with the rules of the ANVISA and the Receita Federal do Brasil.

Import, Export of medical and hospital products

In addition to advising patients, public institutions, hospitals and clinics to get medicines not available in Brazil, we are authorized by regulatory  department to import medical and hospital products for use of the pharmaceutical industry and health institutions.

We can export products to any part of the world, always accordind to the  Brazilian and international laws.

Storage and distribution of medical and hospital products

Our medicines storage is frequently monitored and only authorized personnel have access to it.

The room temperature control and the humidity index are equally controlled to ensure a suitable and safe storage of medicines. We can guarantee the traceability of products.

Advisory to the pharmaceutical industry for import of products that are used in access programs

We offer advisory and support services for import and distribution of products in Brazil.

Advisory to the institutions that offer clinical trials services.

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Specialized service for patients which need to import products not available in Brazil.

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Health Institutions

We take care of the import advisory for any medicine, from anywhere in the world

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Clinical trials

Team with international expertise and in compliance with all legal rules and international standards.

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